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We present a new edition of our now traditional guide to traveling with your pet.

The unforeseen arrival of the Coronavirus has come to stay and has changed our way of life. We were in quarantine for more than 90 days and until recently we did not know if we could travel this summer. Although the situation is still very cautious, we can now go to visit those relatives that we have not been able to see because of the whole situation, we can go to the beach or the mountains ...

As every year we continue with the objective of facilitating as much as possible that our pets enjoy those well-deserved vacations with us and of course they do so in the most comfortable and safe way for them and ourselves, whatever our pet, the chosen transport or the destination of our trip.

We cannot fail to remind you that despite everything stated in the "Guide to Traveling with your Pet", we always recommend that prior to the displacement, you make a visit to your veterinarian in order to expand information and expose the particular situations of the pet or travel to get the best advice.


Enjoy the trip and that your pet is one of the family on this vacation.

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